About Us


The Baroda Area Business Association (BABA) was originally established in 2012 with the purpose of assisting The City of Bridgman/Lake Charter Township Economic Growth Alliance (EGA) and partners, the Villages of Baroda and Berrien Springs the Townships of Oronoko and Baroda, have recently implemented Phase I of a 47 sign Wayfinding program.

The program was designed to welcome people to Southwestern Michigan, remove current sign clutter, and stimulate a sense of discovery that leads tourist to find their way to wineries and small-town business districts along the Lake Street - Shawnee Road corridor stretching from I-94, Exit16, to US-31, Exit 13. The route branded as Southwestern Michigan’s “Lake to Grapes” corridor is the center of Southwestern Michigan’s wine and fresh produce tourist experience.

First defining the goal of the Wayfinding effort. “We wanted to remove ‘sign clutter’ – the unorganized multiple display of information with a system of messages that 1) welcomes people, 2) provides intuitive navigation, and 3) sparks a person’s individual interest in discovery of attractions and businesses within the corridor”.

To accomplish these goals three distinct subarea themes were identified; 1) the Lake Michigan beach town, 2) farm and wineries, and 3) education, culture, history and fishing.

Upon completion of that project, BABA’s new focus was to support local business, committed to fostering a more vibrant and prosperous business community through programs and activities, which is where we are today.

Our Community

The Baroda Area Business Association Board of Directors welcomes you to our ever-
growing community. For all of us who have the opportunity to live and/or work here, we
are always excited to boast and share the unique landscape and bountiful harvest that
has become the “hidden jewel” of southwest Michigan.

The Baroda area is fortunate to have such an extensive amount of talent and local
entrepreneurship in our community. Many folks from the area are even unaware of the
businesses right in their back yard! We have the finest of quaint, home town feel while
bursting at the seams with new business, as well as existing businesses that continue to
grow. It is truly an amazing story of success!

Our business association strives to create a more vibrant and prosperous business
community and support local commerce. We are proud to share Southwest Michigan
with those that come to visit. We have much to offer as our part of what is “Pure

Whether you find yourself coming to the Baroda area for tourist activities, or to start up
or relocate a business, we welcome you and look forward to assisting you with your
endeavors. Come and see what people are talking about! Ilovebaroda.com…. we are
sure you will too!