Advantages of Joining Baroda Business & Community Association

Becoming a member of the Baroda Business & Community Association provides many advantages for members including:

  • Visibility We provide several ways for businesses and individuals to get noticed and have a positive impact on their community with Social Networking and community events. Attending functions is a key way that can bring you and your business closer to others and have a successful impact on your community. Our Website and social media¬† can help introduce your business to the community and share exciting growth and communicate vital updates to the community
  • Referrals We provide referrals for our members and connect potential new businesses with the community and resources.
  • Free business listing on our website with links to your business website, facebook page, email and other social media links so potential customers can find you.
  • Knowledge We provide a knowledge base of resources that individuals and businesses new to our Baroda area. We also provide professional development programs and educational seminars including keynote speakers to help businesses grow.
  • Networking Get acquainted, cultivate new personal and business relationships and maintain valuable prospects by attending our networking events.
  • Credibility Becoming a member brings credibility and positive perception among consumers and fellow business owners when identified with Baroda Business & Community Association.
  • Advocacy We represent the Business Community and represent their best interests in our region. Although we are behind the scenes we play an important role for our business community.